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Biji Barbi's are rough enough for the bush

Biji-Barbi Anchorfoot Wind Shields

Australian Design No 201615211

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Introducing the Biji Anchorfoot collapsible Wind Shields with foldable feet on the end-panels for stability in high wind conditions.

When used with the standard butane 'lunch-box' cooker (33cm wide x 26cm deep x 11cm high), the foldable feet on the end-panels of the wind shield go underneath the cooker.
*Not suited to Gasmate 'Travelmate ll' (and similar) cookers that are 37.5cm wide.
The legs of the cooker go through the holes in the foldable feet; there are 2 holes in each foot for different settings. The cooker must be lifted to release the wind shield.

Like the standard wind shields of the past, the Biji Anchorfoot Wind Shields come in a handy carry bag and will pack away underneath the lunch-box cooker.
The Biji Anchorfoot Wind Shields remains in the cookers own plastic carry case; ready for next use.

The rear two legs of the Biji fit neatly over the holes in the wind shield feet to give excellent wind protection for single gas burners of various types.
*Suited to both the standard butane cooker (33cm wide) and the Gasmate Travelmate ll (37.5cm wide) and similar.
The Biji Anchorfoot Wind Shields are ideal for use with the medium Biji-barbi in many single gas burner applications.

The Biji Anchorfoot Wind Shields are now available in a mixture of red and blue sections as a Napolitano design for a unique look as you cook.
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Price Reduction!!!

A new shipment of Anchorfoot wind shields has arrived. By purchasing a substantially larger quantity than previously, both capital and freight savings have been made, and I am able to offer a retail price reduction for the new wind shields. Accordingly, the base price moves from $28.00 to $25.00 per wind shield.

As always, the best place to buy my products is from my 'Biji-barbi' vendor stand at the many shows and events that I do throughout the year. The 'show specials' on offer can make a visit well worthwhile. Please stop by!

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  • Product: Anchorfoot Wind Shield, cotton Carry Bag
  • Material: Oxidized Aluminium
  • Weight: Approx. 295 – 300 grams
  • Length: Aprox. 84cm
  • Height: Aprox. 24cm
  • Colours: Blue or Red
  • Australian Design No 201615211
  • Made in China

The 'anchorfoot' wind shield arrangement is an original Australian design by A.R.Upton, P.O.Box 110 Hillston NSW 2675 Australia